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Aiden, a seven year old from Brooklyn Park wanted to donate to the Animal Ark in lieu of receiving birthday presents this year.  His mom sent the Ark's wish list (from our website) with the birthday invitations and hoped for the best, as this was the first time they tried something like this.  Were they ever surprised by the response!!  Aiden's mom said it was just amazing!! The parents of the kids felt is was a great idea and really enjoyed shopping with their children for the donations.  Aiden's brother, four year old Mason, really enjoyed helping shop for donations.  Aiden and Mason are not new to the Ark, they have a dog named Laney and have participated in the Animal Ark walk in the summer.

The staff here at the Animal Ark want to send out a special "THANK YOU" to Aiden and Mason's family, friends and relatives for all of the fun stuff they donated.  Among the donations were:  Cat food, treats, paper plates, a Target gift card, paper towels, toys and cat beds.

Thank you for your wonderful donations.  The dogs, cats and staff members really appreciate you guys!!

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Comment by Linda Ratay on February 29, 2012 at 6:42pm

AND thank you to the wonderful parents for the values they are instilling in their children!!  By giving, one can receive so much joy to those less fortunate.  Thank you from all of us (and that also means the animals) for the wonderful generosity and thought fullness.  It is truly appreciated.

Comment by Karen Hollebrands on February 29, 2012 at 5:45pm

Aiden, I am so proud of you for thinking of the Animal Ark animals.   It was a very kind, generous and thoughtful thing to do and it says alot about the type of boy you are. 

The Ark animals appreciate the goodies!!

Thank you!

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